Dyslipidemia Management

While Dyslipidemia describes a wide range of conditions, patients are often unaware of disease and its risks. Atherosclerosis and heart diseases still claim most of the global death rates. Although medical evolution has allowed physicians to treat dyslipidemia effectively, medical research still on its way to discover further effective solutions to treat such abnormality.

Since patient care is our utmost priority, this program is tailored to allow further discovery toward the medical breakthroughs and effective therapeutic options in treating and managing this disease.

Latest Recorded


Application of the Data: Lipid Lowering in Complex Metabolic Patients

A panel of lipid experts discuss new guidelines and data, as well as simpler strategies for managing patients with complex metabolic disease.

Latest Lipid Guidelines in Perspective: How to Tailor Statin Therapy in Complex Patients

Drs Brown, Braun, and Saseen review major advancements in the 2018 cholesterol guidelines and provide guidance on how to tailor therapy.